A prayer from a lonely traveler


Oh dear God
Wash my hands
So as to cleanse the filth they contain
Let me feast and be sustained by your bounty
Cause my eyes to take pleasure in your pleasure

Let my lonely walks
Challenge me to think of you

The human condition causes me to rot and decay
But with every despair it is to you I pray:
Dear lord forgive me of my sins

Capture me with the light of your deen
Cause me not to worry about this passing world
Focus my heart on remembrance of you
Cause me not to cry over the losses of this world
Help me to be happy in your pleasure
Help me to disdain sin in every measure

When I looked at the moon last night
I knew I understood
You were with me
Guiding me my Lord

Walking through the streets like a loner
On concrete roads
I never felt your presence more sincerely

Poetry:  Bint Yusuf

"The Guiding Friends"

Photograph: Ibn Hanif


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